Private Cloud Storage

Your data: Securely and simply accessible, anywhere in the world.

In-house Cloud Based Storage Made Easy

The Challenge

The need for remote access to files has never been more prevelant. With more users working remotely, ensuring everyone can share the files they need can be a headache. Some choose to go with solutions from large vendors but these can be hampered with an unwieldy user interface or worse, data breaches that can expose you and your customers to risk.

Our Solution

With Zytel cloud storage you get the best of both worlds. Your data is housed in a secure state of the art Zytel owned and operated server, protected by the latest in anti-virus software and hardware. Accessing your data is made as simple as accessing files on your own computer. With the knowledge we have of your network the file server can be configured to allow you to use and share files with your co-workers as if they're on the same network sitting next to you.

The Right Tools For The Job

Zytel uses to most up to date hardware and software to ensure that your data is safe and accessible to you any where in the world.

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What Our Customers Think

"Finally we have a reliable and capable I.T. Administrator for our company’s network. Zytel has been working with our company for more than a year and we are very satisfied with their service. The most important concern for us was, BACK UP. They suggested solutions and implemented them. We are able to concentrate more on our business and not on our computers thanks to the quick responses to our needs both remotely and on site."

"When our computer network went down we called our normal computer guy. He got everything working but had to keep coming back almost everyday for a week. After being referred we called Zytel. One visit and everything was working perfectly! I would highly recommend them."

"Zytel is very knowledgeable and competent in the IT arena. Whenever we ask them for something they always delivers 110%. They understand the importance of the IT system to our business and responds quickly when asked. I can recommend Zytel without any hesitation for any IT matter."

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